Jamie Antonisse is a a game designer, writer, musical dabbler and mad scientist.  He holds an MFA in Interactive Media from USC, and currently works as the creative director of Sirvo Studios, where he is hard at work on their first major game, Guildlings.  His past work includes a mix of serious/health games such as Hush(2008) and Treasure of Bell Island (2012), independent/experimental games including Spectre (2009), Misadventures of PB Winterbottom (2010) and pOnd (2010), and commercial work in the kids’ game space, running game design for Disney’s Digital Publishing group (2013-2015). He has spoken about narrative paper prototyping at GDC, and his gameplay and narrative prototypes have been used to strengthen concepts and pitch experimental games to wary publishers. He finds these things easier to talk about in the third person.

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